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The Quality of Life They Deserve and a Shoulder to Lean On

Six million Jews died in the Holocaust. Jewish communities across Europe were shattered. Many of those who survived escaped to their historic homeland, Israel. Still haunted by the traumatic memories of what they’d endured, these survivors were part of the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and played a key role in building Jewish communities.

Today, they face another challenge as the novel-coronavirus has spread globally. Israel has one of the highest rate of infections per-capita, leaving many Holocaust survivors to face this crisis on their own. Mental health professionals warn, the emotional and psychological impact of the pandemic, in addition to the traumas these survivors experienced during the Holocaust, can be devastating.

Many are alone, going days without human contact.

Many are in need of medications, medical equipment, and medical care.

Many are going hungry.

This urgent situation requires an immediate and comprehensive response.

Bnai Zion, Yad Rosa, and YOU: Together We Can!

Since its founding in 1908, Bnai Zion has stood with the Jewish People and the founders of Zionism in their dream to create the State of Israel. Bnai Zion’s humanitarian and developmental projects, strategic acts, and donations in times of need have been essential factors in building Israel’s healthcare and cultural infrastructure. Bnai Zion has always answered the call with action.

Yad Rosa is a humanitarian organization in Israel, staffed mainly by volunteers, which provides packaged foods, medication, medical equipment, and compassionate health and home care services for those in need. Known for their innovative methods in meeting needs and wide-reaching volunteer task force, Yad Rosa is uniquely positioned to organize all inquiries and service requests by region and service accordingly.

Bnai Zion and Yad Rosa have joined together to build and operate a National Care Center, which integrates medical, psychological, social, food support and security, all delivered through an infrastructure specially designed to meet today’s Holocaust survivor’s emergency needs. The Care Center features a 24-hour Care Line operated by soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, National Service volunteers (Bnot Sherut), and civilian volunteers.

Through incoming and outgoing calls, Care Line volunteers are in touch with thousands of Israel’s Holocaust survivors and elderly residents each day, responding to emergencies and rapidly providing assistance. Call Center volunteers are able to dispatch monitors via scooter to visit in-person and assess needs via video live-feed with Call Center personnel.

We are now up and running, but the work is just beginning. We were able to launch this with very limited resources, and your donation today can provide the invaluable help needed to keep this going!

For as little as $7 a week, $30 a month, or $90 for 90 days—
TOGETHER WE CAN make a difference in the life of a Holocaust survivor TODAY!
TOGETHER WE CAN help provide the quality of life they deserve!
TOGETHER WE CAN provide a shoulder to lean on!

Your compassion and generosity can help ensure a Holocaust survivor receives a call, is checked-in on regularly, has adequate food and resources to meet their needs. Will you help?

Whatever amount you can give today will be put to use immediately, bringing relief and hope to this most precious generation. THANK YOU for caring!

YES, I want to help bring RELIEF and HOPE to Holocaust Survivors through Bnai Zion’s National Care Center.

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